Wiring Systems

Wiring System for Home Commercial and Industrial

We structure and install wirings for many different types of residential and commercial premises. Which includes signal types such as cable television, telephones, and computer networks and Electrical types such as lightings, power sockets, fuse box and DB boards. We think ahead to structure wire your premises and anticipates technological advances for the future.

With wiring installation, you need a contractor that performs. We understand the commercial electrical business, and we're absolutely dedicated to the timely success of your project. Whether your project is on a residential, commercial or industrial development scale, we're glad to offer only the best in wiring installation.

Here is a list of Wiring services offered:
  • Electrical Distribution Systems
    • From 60 amp to 600 amp
    • From 240v single phase to 415v 3-phase services

  • Data
    • Cat5 or Cat6, also commonly called Ethernet or Internet drops Voice 
    • Cat5 cable for phone jacks around your home

  • TV
    • RG59 or RG6 for your cable TV or satellite feed to your TV locations

  • Speaker
    • Typically using 14-gauge / 2 conductor wire for speaker drops

  • CCTV
    • Cable (RG59/LAN IP + 2-conductor for power) for security camera drops

  • Alarm
    • Low-voltage "red wire" for alarm contact sensors, motion detectors, etc.

  • Audio/Video Distribution
    • HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component, Composite for audio & video distribution

  • Lightning Protection/Lightning Arrestor Installation
    • Air Terminals (Lightning Rods)
    • Braided Conductor (Cable)
    • Ground Rods or Ground Plates
    • Surge Arrestors

  • Main Switchboards and distribution board Installation

  • Consumers mains and Sub main

  • Light and power - We upgrades, repair and install all sort of:
    • Power Points - 13amp, 15amp and 3 Phase
    • Lighting points
    • Hot Water Heater power points
    • Fan point
    • Outdoor weather proof power socket

  • Exit and emergency lighting installation
    • We test, repair and install all sort of emergency lighting